Industrial-Style Soho Glazing Acoustic Glass Partitioning - Commercial Fit-out for PSC UK CENTRAL SERVICES in City of London, London.

  Date Added: 01-Apr-2020
  Price Band: £50000 to £100000
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Customer Testimonial
Rated 4/5

Really happy with the service overall, and the clean finish in all of the offices. In particular the attention to details when measuring the framework.

Industrial-Style Soho Glazing Acoustic Glass Partitioning - Commercial Fit-out
Sharna Bullen Operations Manager, PSC UK CENTRAL SERVICES (City of London, London)

Project Summary from Michael @ Glass At Work

Our client Sammi had previously specified us for one of her own clients and after the installation of our T-Bar Industrial Style glazing had impressed she got back in touch looking for an accurate quotation for a large, first floor project, on King William Street, London.

There were twelve rooms in total to either create or partition off, all sat on a raised access floor, fixed to a suspended ceiling of what we must say was one of the cleanest and well run sites we have ever encountered!

Following a consultation chat we determined the end user preferred our single glazed laminated acoustic glazing - as the main spaces being created were to be used for their client meeting rooms, so not only did they need to look great, they needed to do a job acoustically too.

With a lot of work often comes a change in scope, on this particular project additional partitions and manifestations were added to form a new private managers office after our installation was underway. Having a client such as Sammi who was always on hand to ascertain the changes though made the process and project as a whole run almost effortlessly. It's not unheard of to find that businesses or other people that may be working in the same office block see our installations and want something done for themselves too and we'll always happily oblige!

On this particular project it was decided the installation be split into two parts, firstly attending site to install our metal trackwork before taking the millimeter accurate dimensions of our glass. We then attended site with the glazing works using the properties loading bay and once the glass was in place we went to work on the painstaking cutting and mitring of the transom bars that we bond to the face of the glass to give the industrial panelled effect.

Some of the doors on the project had to marry up with the end users own electronic security system and after carefully liaising with the technical team to ensure everything was in the right place the entry card system was installed post glazing installation by the clients electrical contractors.

All in all a fantastic project to be involved with and we look forward to working together on projects again in the future!

  Project Completed: March 2020
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