Single Glazed Frameless Glass Office Partitioning Fully Installed

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Includes Professional Site Measure, Delivery & Full Installation*
Don't worry, we visit your site to take our own measurements BEFORE manufacture!
Don't worry, we visit your site to take our own measurements BEFORE manufacture!
We visit your site to take our own measurements BEFORE manufacture!
Our best Seller! The low cost way to get quality frameless glass partitioning fully installed
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The layout and measurements for your new glass partition

Simply measure your space using an ordinary tape measure. Add your dimensions using our sliders or type directly into the dimension boxes below.

Here are popular layouts we find most common. You can experiment with different layouts to best suit your design and budget. Build up complex designs by adding multiple layouts (with dimensions) to your basket. Alternatively, send us a sketch/drawing and your dimensions and we will send you a formal quote.

Don’t worry, we don’t make or cut the glass until after our own professional on-site survey. Everything is manufactured to our survey dimensions.

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Layout Diagram
Height (h)
Min: 1000mm
Max: 3000mm
Width (w)
Min: 300mm
Max: 35000mm
Corner (c)
Min: 300mm
Max: 5000mm
Depth (d)
Min: 300mm
Max: 20000mm
Width (w1)
Min: 300mm
Max: 20000mm
The floor level where we will be working?

Please tell us what floor (storey) of the building your partitioning is to be installed, i.e. Ground, 1st floor, 2nd floor etc. We need to know this information even if there is passenger or goods lift available.


Where necessary we will automatically suggest the door height and over-panel requirements. In most cases, we make these adjustments to meet the technical specification of the door.

If our door dimensions and door layout don’t match your requirements please get in touch. We can provide you a bespoke quote in no time at all, and offer advice if required.

Please note: To change the door type, the door qty must be set to one or greater.

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Width: mm  x  Height: mm

Anything is possible! By law you’re required to put film onto glass partitions, to comply with current Building Regulations and avoid people walking into them (it happens...). We offer common options for you to select but can discuss specific requirements if necessary.

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Window Film / Film Manifestation
Don't worry, we visit your site to take our own measurements BEFORE manufacture!
Don't worry, we visit your site to take our own measurements BEFORE manufacture!
We visit your site to take our own measurements BEFORE manufacture!
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This product is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 426 testimonials

The “must have” addition to any building where the right impression is required for clients, visitors and staff alike.

Be it an Office, Meeting Room or Breakout area the frameless glass partition allows light to flow through a Workspace, show an open approach to business and provide a canvas for your business in the form of window film.

Glass ensures your building can be whatever you it want it to be, using the latest stylish and modern systems to provide a timeless effect that will look great for many years to come.

Our product is a perfect glazed partitioning system for normal office use where standard performance is the prerequisite.

We take safety very seriously. Clear 12mm or 10mm thick Toughened safety glass is used (unless otherwise stated) for the glazed panels, dependent on ceiling height. These have been tested to the highest safety standards and comply to EN 12150.

Our frameless glass partitions are fixed to the existing walls and ceiling of your office using a minimal aluminium perimeter frame. To join the glass to glass panels we will either use clear plastic strips or a clear silicon sealant to create a fabulous frameless effect.

If you want a truly minimal framework then we can provide glass doors without a frame, operated via a floor mounted pivot. This avoids the need to excavate a floor, and provides a self closing door to ensure a neat, flush finish.

If a higher degree of sound privacy is required then we can hang the door in a sleek aluminium frame, to allow it to sit within a rebate and avoid gaps.

Doors are quoted with pull handles as standard, with locks available where required at a small additional cost.

We can improve the performance criteria of the standard single glazed system to allow for better acoustic properties or guarding situations. This requires different glass at slightly more cost, but the benefits can outweigh those costs.

  Add multiple layouts to your basket to create complex designs

Single Glazed Office Partitioning
Single Glazed Office Partitioning
Single Glazed Office Partitioning
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Single Glazed Office Partitioning
Our partitioning system uses either 10mm or 12mm toughened glass, where the glass thickness used depended on the height of the partition. The perimeter track is supplied in powder coated aluminium to your choice of BS or RAL colour. Please note that RAL 9006 (Silver) and RAL 9010 (white) are standard. The doorset will comprise a glazed frameless single glazed single door with pull handles. Other doorset options are also available. These include sliding doors and double doors. The frameless glass partitions are designed and manufactured in the UK. Our office partitioning is fixed to the existing walls and ceiling of your office using an aluminium frame. Our expert staff are on hand to help you. Interior glass office walls are a great way to create a beautiful office environment and allow light throughout your entire office space. The system is fully installed and is priced with a single door.