Side-by-side Acoustic Glass Office Refurbishment for Unloc in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

  Date Added: 30-Mar-2020
  Price Band: £4000 to £5000
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It was a pleasure to work with glassATwork. The process from initial quotation through to installation was speedy and incredibly efficient.

Side-by-side Acoustic Glass Office Refurbishment
Hayden Taylor Managing Director, Unloc (Portsmouth, Hampshire)

Project Summary from Michael @ Glass At Work

This particular project had to be done quickly and on a limited budget. Our client Unloc are a community non-profit organisation who work with young people - so the installation needed to be done quickly, to minimise disruption, and within budget.

We sent over a few potential layouts and the client decided they wanted to effectively create 2 separate meeting pods to form a T shaped layout on their project in Portsmouth. Though our client then had a holiday for a few weeks the glass office pods were actually completed by the time the client got back from their break!

Though we accurately quote to our clients supplied dimensions we always carry out a full and proper site survey, as we only cut glass to OUR measurements. This particular site survey confirmed the glazing would need to be cut in a way to allow for electrical trunking to pass around the rooms we were forming - you can see this in the images on the website.

The site survey and measurements were undertaken on a Friday, and by a week on Monday, the glass was cut and we were on site installing everything! Within 6 days! - Well before our usual lead time of around 7-10 working days. This was due to the rapid response of our client and the site contact, so credit really must go to them for the prompt response and confirmation. A great project.

  Project Completed: February 2020
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