How We Work - Step by Step

We take care of everything to do with our glass walls. When the quote is accepted we send a professional surveyor to measure for the walls. By doing this we remove the risk to you and take it onto ourselves. We highlight any issues that we haven’t been informed of and, assuming all is good, then we will plan the installation and keep you in touch with progress every step of the way.

This allows you to do what you do best and we’ll leave you with beautiful glass partitions you’ll be eager to show off. We also understand that problems happen from time to time. Don't worry, that’s why we measure and order it, to put the onus on us to get it right. The nature of the material brings risks that we will resolve at our cost, if of our making.

How We Work? Put simply, better than everyone else!!

You won’t find a more friendly, knowledgeable and hard working team to install your glass partitioning. From a single wall to a complete building we‘ve installed miles and miles of frameless glass partitions across the UK.

We don’t follow the conventional model, but that allows us to pass the savings onto you, our valuable clients. Using cost effective or performance systems, we can offer the most competitive rates for an install that reflects an accurate product specification to do the job you want. We state exactly what we’re going to install and that’s what you are going to get, no tricks, gimmicks or lower specification substitutes.

We’re as transparent as our walls. Glass is an unforgiving material, so we take the risk on your behalf by measuring every order prior to manufacture, that way any glass related issues are ours to resolve.

We include many extras as standard, such as self closing door pivots on frameless doors, or overhead closers on framed doors. However, other options are presented for you to tailor your walls to your need, such as locks and bespoke manifestation.

So our combination of price, product and service provides you the ultimate value in the marketplace, as our many repeat customers have found, take a look at our recent installations to get both inspiration and reassurance!!

Please note, all quoted prices include installation, but exclude VAT.

The Process

Is it really that easy? Well, erm, yes it is...

  • 1

    Measure the heights and widths you need, then put them in our pricing tool to get your own detailed quotation online, be amazed at the price and detail, then press the Checkout button, where we swing into action. Please be assured, glass is not manufactured to your dimensions.

  • 2

    Got a question? Then please give us a call and talk it through, we like talking about our product. Photos and plans are always welcome where we can advise how we can achieve what you’re looking to do. We’ll then send you a quote with all the information we know within it.

  • 3

    Once instructed to proceed we then ask all the right questions, sending you a short questionnaire to get the detail we need, as well as a drawing to show our interpretation. Don’t worry if it’s wrong, we’ll keep talking to you until it’s right.

  • 4

    With those returned and the deposit paid then we arrange for our professional surveyors to come to site and measure for the glass. Please remember, we NEVER install using your dimensions. The measurements are taken and any cost adjustments agreed before proceeding to manufacture.

  • 5

    Once all that’s done then off we go to make the glass and return to install as soon as current lead times allow.

As a busy company we’re dependent on labour and glass manufacturing capability at the time of payment, but throughout the process we’ll keep you in contact with proceedings and fit in with you as much as possible.

After Sales Service

Once the installation is done then we hope you’re proud enough to send us your photos and add to our burgeoning recent projects page.

All our work is under a manufacturer warranty for 12 months, assuming any issues are down to parts or labour, rather than mis-use or wilful damage.

We are thorough and detailed to the end, ensuring you receive what you’ve been quoted and that all is in working order, on the few occasions any snagging is required it will be taken care of and solved. Although an internet based business, the increasing number of repeat customers tells us that we look after our clients well and are growing with them.

Still unsure, then give us a call and we would be happy to talk you through it!