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  1. Residential Project (Aldersbrook, London): T-Bar Black Framed Glass Corner Wall and Door Using Acoustic Glass   Aldersbrook, London  8 Images
  2. George Projects (Old Town, Edinburgh): Industrial-Style Black Framed Glass Room Divider For A Studio Flat   Old Town, Edinburgh  4 Images
  3. Residential Project (Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales): Heritage Black Framed Glass Door and Side Panel   Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales  8 Images
  4. MTWarchitects (Harrow, London): Sliding Toughened Glass Double Doors With Black Metal Banding   Harrow, London  9 Images
  5. Residential Project (Pwllheli, Wales): T-Bar Black Framed Glass Door and Side Panel   Pwllheli, Wales  6 Images
  6. Penguin Developments (Stafford, Staffordshire): Toughened Glass Walls And Doors   Stafford, Staffordshire  7 Images
  7. Residential Project (Southmead, Bristol): T-Bar Black Framed Heritage-Style Glazing [A Cost Effective Steel Frame Alternative]   Southmead, Bristol  5 Images
  8. Retail Manager Solutions Ltd (Lyndhurst, Hampshire): Toughened Glass Wall and Glazed Door.   Lyndhurst, Hampshire  6 Images
  9. Wine Room (South Bank, London): Made-to-Measure Glass Corner Wine Room [Wine Cellar] Using Toughened Safety Glass   South Bank, London  7 Images
  10. Module-AR Limited (Hull, East Yorkshire): Glass Office Refurbishment Creating Office Spaces And Boardroom   Hull, East Yorkshire  6 Images
  11. MIDDLEBY UK (Warrington, Lancashire): Toughened Glass Open Ended Partition & Double Frameless Glass Doors   Warrington, Lancashire  7 Images
  12. Residential Project (South Croydon, Surrey): Heritage-Style Industrial Sliding Door Screen With Black Frame   South Croydon, Surrey  6 Images
  13. Residential Project (Acton, London): T-Bar Slimline Industrial-Style Acoustic Glass Wall and Door   Acton, London  4 Images
  14. Residential Project (Elstree, Hertfordshire): T-Bar Slimline (Art Deco Style) Glass Walls and Sliding Doors   Elstree, Hertfordshire  8 Images
  15. My-iClinic (North Finchley, London): Laminated Acoustic Glass Screen With Framed Glazed Door   North Finchley, London  3 Images
  16. Omnio London (Chester, Cheshire): Toughened Glass Corner Room With Black Frame   Chester, Cheshire  7 Images
  17. Ellen Group Facilities (Hockley, Birmingham): Frameless Toughened Safety Glass Office Screen   Hockley, Birmingham  3 Images
  18. Rainbow Care Solutions (Wavertree, Merseyside): Glass Office Screens With Glazed Doors   Wavertree, Merseyside  5 Images
  19. Residential Project (Norwich, Norfolk): Industrial Effect Glass Screen and Sliding Door With Black Framing   Norwich, Norfolk  8 Images
  20. Wheatfield Primary School (Bradley Stoke, Somerset): Toughened Safety Glass Sliding Door and Glazed Partition Wall   Bradley Stoke, Somerset  3 Images
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 687 customer testimonials)