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  1. Facilities Solutions (Midlands) (Solihull, West Midlands): Glass Office Partitions With Frameless Doors   Midlands)   7 Images
    Rated 5/5

      Glass Office Partitions With Frameless Doors for Facilities Solutions (Midlands) in Solihull, West Midlands.

    From Glass At Work:A stunningly simple and effective Frameless install. Light able to flow into the new spaces, with visual privacy provided by the film applied. A quick and straightforward job, that immediately provides the client with 2 new rooms.

      March 2024

  2. P Blackhall (Edinburgh, Scotland): Acoustic Glass Office Partition   Edinburgh, Scotland  5 Images
  3. Rowland Remedial (Littleborough, Greater Manchester): T-Bar Aluminium Banded Glass Partition   Littleborough, Greater Manchester  6 Images
  4. Fortis Vision (Woburn, Bedfordshire): T-Bar Banded Office Partitions   Woburn, Bedfordshire  11 Images
  5. City Insulation Group (Oldham, Greater Manchester): Double Glazed Glass Corner Office   Oldham, Greater Manchester  6 Images
  6. Your Cargo Contact (Colchester, Essex): Frameless Glass Office Partitioning   Colchester, Essex  6 Images
    Rated 5/5

      Frameless Glass Office Partitioning for Your Cargo Contact in Colchester, Essex.

    From Glass At Work:A beautiful example of Glass partitioning, not only in how it looks, but the speed and efficiency with which it was installed. This came from an online order to installation, with the minimum of fuss and effort. A very nice looking job.

      February 2024

  7. Agribale (Peterborough, Cambridgeshire): Acoustic Glass Office Partitions into Pitched Roof   Peterborough, Cambridgeshire  5 Images
  8. LS Studio London (Clerkenwell, London): Interior Standalone Glass Office Door   Clerkenwell, London  3 Images
  9. LS Studio London (Cardiff, Wales): Acoustic Glass Office Partitions   Cardiff, Wales  9 Images
    Rated 5/5

      Acoustic Glass Office Partitions for LS Studio London in Cardiff, Wales.

    From Glass At Work:A very stylish installation, as part of a refurbishment by a regular client. We're taken all over the country to put in the glass walls within the wider Fit-Out. Our straightforward process and high quality installations are an easy way to guarantee a great looking and timely glass partitioning installation.

      February 2024

  10. Toni & Guy Clapham Junction (Clapham, London): T-Bar Aluminium Black Framed Glass Screens For a Hairdressing Salon   Clapham, London  6 Images
  11. John Hampden Surgery (Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire): Glass Partition Stepped Wall   Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire  8 Images
  12. Create Business Hub (Brentwood, Essex): Acoustic Glass Office Wall and Door   Brentwood, Essex  4 Images
  13. Bridges Worldwide (Wythenshawe, Manchester): Acoustic Glass Office Partition   Wythenshawe, Manchester  5 Images
  14. Domestic Project (Goostrey, Cheshire): T-Bar Aluminium Black Framed Glass Wall and Door   Goostrey, Cheshire  5 Images
  15. Trinity Facilities Management (Warrington, Cheshire): Frameless Glass Office Partitioning With Acoustic Glazing   Warrington, Cheshire  5 Images
  16. Metcloud (Edgbaston, Birmingham): Acoustic Glass Office Partitions   Edgbaston, Birmingham  9 Images
  17. Accsys Accountants (Maidstone, Kent): Frameless Glass Office Partitioning   Maidstone, Kent  7 Images
  18. South Of England Investments (Liverpool, Merseyside): Frameless Glass Corner Office   Liverpool, Merseyside  6 Images
  19. Domestic Project (Leeds, West Yorkshire): T-Bar Aluminium Black Framed Glass Wall and Door   Leeds, West Yorkshire  8 Images
  20. Cashel Travel (Edinburgh, Scotland): Acoustic Glass Office Screen and Door   Edinburgh, Scotland  6 Images
    Rated 5/5

      Acoustic Glass Office Screen and Door for Cashel Travel in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    From Glass At Work:An acoustic single glazed screen, looking very much in keeping with the surroundings. Some awkward detailing achieved with notches in the glass.

      January 2024

Displaying 1 to 20 (of 1103 customer testimonials)