Faceted Glass Office Partition with frameless glass door for Daly Systems Ltd in Leicester, East Midlands.

  Date Added: 26-Apr-2017
  Price Band: £2000 to £3000
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The first thing I liked was the pricing tool on the glass at a work website. At first I was simply looking to gauge the likely price of a glass partition, and the website soon gave me that, I was also able to get an idea of how the installation may look. A surveyor was then booked to come to site to confirm measurements. However, due to the angle of glass required it was decided that installation engineers would be better suited to precisely decipher my needs. This obviously gave me confidence, that all aspects of the pending install would be precise and treated with professionalism. The first set of install engineers attended site and quickly measured the opening based on my needs. Discussing the possibilities throughout. The glass was then ordered and after around 3 weeks of placing the order, the glass was fitted by 3 knowledgeable, patient and courteous engineers (they were having to work next to a busy service desk). All in all, working with Glass at Work was professional, quick and effortless, leaving my team and I to continue with our day to day tasks, whilst Glass at Work effortlessly went about theirs. Even though our solution was only a small install I didn’t once feel “at the back of the queue”. I would strongly recommend Glass at Work to other organisations. 5 Star solution!

Faceted Glass Office Partition
Rob Castleman Operations Director, Daly Systems Ltd (Leicester, East Midlands)
  Project Completed: March 2017
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