Toughened Glass Office Wall & Door for Cedar Dean Commercial in Soho, London.

  Date Added: 25-Jun-2019
  Price Band: £3000 to £4000
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Customer Testimonial
Rated 5/5

Couldn’t recommend highly enough! GlassAtWork were incredible from start to finish, and every person of their team was delightful.
I first found GlassAtWork through Google, and I initially was attracted to their great prices compared to private and online quotes, as well as their prompt replies and willingness to help me. I was put in touch with a gentleman named Adam who was my point of guidance for the whole project and he was incredible. I can honestly say that I have never had someone show more patience, professionalism, courtesy and generosity. He was willing to bend over backwards when I gave him tight deadlines, he was incredibly quick to reply if I ever had any questions, and he was adaptable to the MANY changes I asked of him.
He made the whole process incredibly seamless and stress free. It was quick, simplistic and actually quite enjoyable to organise – which was so important because it was an exciting feature in a new office. The best part about GlassAtWork is that they have SUCH a good team working behind them.
I could not recommend this company enough. Yes, the final product is incredible, and everything that we had envisioned for our office space. But the service was second to none, and such a positive experience. The values each team shared of precise and professional work, delightful customer service and generosity across the board is a true credit to the company and I have no doubt that anyone who gets to work with this business will agree with me.
If anyone is in the market for a glass partition, GlassAtWork is your go to. The best on price, the best overall experience, and the best group of people you can work with.
Thank you GlassAtWork :)

Toughened Glass Office Wall & Door
Sophia Valenzuela Assistant To Directors, Cedar Dean Commercial (Soho, London)
  Project Completed: May 2019
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